Items for Your Winter Survival Kit

At MINI of Charleston we want to ensure that you have all of the items you need in your winter survival kit. In addition, consider items that help get your vehicle unstuck just in case you have to wait a long time for assistance.

Start with items such as a foldable shovel and weather or something to help you with traction if you have wheels stuck. Also, a tow rope, heavy gloves, and jumper cables are essential for a survival kit for your vehicle. Also, a first aid kit for minor injuries is essential.

Place all of these items in…

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Taking a Roadtrip on a Budget

A roadtrip can be a lot of fun, but lots of people wind up spending a lot more than they expect. The most important thing to do is make a plan and stick to it.

Make hotel reservations in advance and scout out places to eat along the way. When you roll into town without a place to stay, that's when lodging costs can get high, and the same goes for finding a place to eat. There is a lot of fun that can come with being spontaneous on a roadtrip, but the more you plan out what

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What Is A Backup Camera?

All new cars today have a backup camera. That has been federal law since 2018. Backup cameras are also known as rearview cameras. These cameras are extremely important because they allow you to see everything that is behind you. There are things that you may not be able to see in your rear mirror. This can lead to an accident. It is estimated that backover accidents lead to 15,000 injuries and 210 deaths per year.

There are several ways that you can benefit from having a backup camera. It can potentially save lives by preventing backover accidents.

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What Is An Infotainment System?

An infotainment system is a combination of hardware and software that is designed to deliver information and entertainment to you. It is a display or touchscreen that is typically located in the middle of your vehicle. The size of an infotainment system can vary, but it is typically about the same size as a tablet. There are several types of features that can come with your infotainment system. However, the specific features will depend on the make and model of your vehicle.

All infotainment systems have a radio, navigation system and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also get information 

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Signs Your Brake Pedal Needs to be Repaired

Brake pedals are a crucial component for your car, and when they need to be repaired it can lead to very dangerous situations. So what are the signs that tell you that your brake pedal needs to be repaired?

A squishy brake pedal is very dangerous. When driving, if you feel that your brake pedal is not firm or having any resistance whatsoever when stepping on it, then this can be a problem. The easiest way to check this is by pushing down on the pedal and letting go of it slowly. If the pedal shakes back and forth freely…

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Quick Intro to ASE Certification: Meaning, Importance

You've probably seen the blue ASE signs that our team proudly displays here at MINI of Charleston? What exactly is ASE and what's its importance? Great questions. We've got your quick intro.

ASE Certification

ASE is short for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Certification indicates that a service technician or service department possesses the highest level of expertise. There are 52 different types of tests designed to gauge advanced proficiency in various sub-specialties, such as collision repair, school bus, truck equipment and even parts.

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Choosing Your Teen's First Car

When it comes to shopping for a car for a teen driver, safety should come first. Look up models of car that are within your budget, and then in that list, compare the standard safety features.

These can vary a lot from one model and brand to another, so pay close attention and get a feel for which features are common and which are rare. Then once you feel comfortable with the level of safety, you can move on to fuel efficiency, infotainment, and other types of features, Keep in mind that while the car is for your teen, it…

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Tips for Buying a Used Car

The used car market has grown more than the new car market in the modern world. This proves that many car buyers consider used cars since its economical. The purchase of used car markets is found in private used car dealers, individually and many more. Therefore, purchasing a quality used car, one has to be very aggressive in checking the car's details.

Tips to help you get a good used car:

  • Car Type- This should be the priority depending on your lifestyle and also consider the surrounding, like the roads.
  • Budget setting- Before going to the field to look…
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Why Use a Clay Bar When Detailing?

Have you ever seen a clay bar? It looks like Play-Doh or another putty substance. You can mold it and fold the clay bar to rub across your car’s paint, removing all kinds of imperfections, dirt, grime, deposits, insects, and road tar.

The clay bar technique can buff out most imperfections and improve the luster of your paint. It can create a glossy, wet finish after a car wash. However, to use a clay bar, you’ll need to apply a lubricant first. Clay barring doesn’t scratch your 

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Why Tire Pressure Matters

It is always important to know and maintain the suitable amount of air pressure in your vehicle's tires. The right amount of tire pressure is often located on your vehicle's doorjamb, which is also the suggested amount of inflation from the manufacturer. You can also check the manual offered by the dealership.

Tire pressure also depends on various factors, such as the type of drive system you are using, either front or all-wheel drive, and the vehicle's weight. Inflation also affects every aspect of the tire, such as tread contact shape, handling characteristics, and load-carrying

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