The 2022 MINI Clubman is known for its fun design and peppy performance. Its advanced safety features are designed to keep you safe. It has a forward collision warning system that has been upgraded to detect pedestrians and cyclists better. It also has a blind spot monitor to let you know when someone is in your blind spot. The Clubman has a rear-view camera to help you park and see what is behind you when backing up. It also has adaptive cruise control to help you maintain a safe following distance.

The 2022 MINI Clubman's tire pressure monitor will let you know when your tires need to be inflated. It also has an automatic high beam headlight control to help you see better at night. The Clubman has a rain-sensing windshield wiper to keep your windshield clear. It also has front and rear parking sensors to help you park in tight spots. It also has a lane departure warning system to keep you from drifting out of your lane.

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