Whether you're traveling in stop-and-go traffic in Charleston or taking a scenic drive down long, winding roads, having responsive brakes is a must. At MINI of Charleston, we offer brake maintenance, replacement, and repair services. We also share helpful tips for keeping your brakes in excellent condition.

Don't Ignore Strange Sounds

If your brakes have started squeaking and squealing, bring them in for service. Although it's easy to acclimate to these noises, especially if your brakes are still engaging, it's important to find out why they're occurring. More often than not, this is an indication that it's time to have worn brake pads or brake shoes replaced.

Go Easy on the Accelerator

Accelerating hard to stop fast just seconds later can wreak havoc on your brakes. Maintaining a reasonable and relatively static traveling speed instead will limit wear and tear on these essential components. This driving style can also lower your spending at the pump by improving your fuel economy.

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