Exhaust leaks are common, and it’s crucial to take note and have it repaired. There are always signs which show that the exhaust is leaking.

Loud noise

It is manifested through loud noises from the engine. It is often the main sign of a leak.

Poor fuel usage

When you need to fuel your vehicle more times than usual, it signifies your vehicle's exhaust leaks. It, therefore, forces you to fuel a couple of times due to inefficiency.


A leaky exhaust usually emits a strong smell in the air. The car owner should, therefore, take it for repair as the emissions may be toxic.

Gas Pedal Vibrations

The sensations are usually caused by the existence of exhaust fumes in the system which causes vibrations.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

It signals to the driver that something is wrong with the car's system, an exhaust leak inclusive.

A Burning Smell in The Engine Area

If there's a leak around the engine area, the parts made of plastic burn due to heat from the exhaust.


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