Car wax is a major, final step in the auto detailing process, but what exactly is car wax? The techs at our MINI of Charleston service department hear this question a lot. Here's their brief rundown.

A Layer of Protection

Car wax provides an essential top layer of protection to your car's exterior paint. It repels water, preventing pollutants and grime from attaching to your car's paint and ruining it. Car wax also fills in gaps and scratches in your car's clearcoat. This restores your car's brilliant, uniform shine and newish look.

Types of Car Wax

Synthetic and natural are the two main types of car waxes. Synthetic waxes typically come from silicones, whereas natural car waxes derive from coal, the palm tree or the carnauba plant. To make car wax spreadable, manufacturers mix synthetic or natural waxes with special solvents and oils. This malleable substance glides more readily over your car's surface, smoothening its appearance and compensating for imperfections in the clearcoat.



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