If you've always wondered how to correctly hook up a set of jumper cables to a dead battery, then we have a concise guide that can help you jump start a friend's car safely. 


  1. Ensure that both ignitions are in the off position and secure parking brakes for added safety.
  2. Attach a red cable to the positive terminal on your battery. 
  3. Place the second red cable on the opposite battery's positive terminal. 
  4. Secure one of the black clips to the dead battery's negative post. 
  5. Fasten the last black clip to a bare metal spot beneath the hood of your car.
  6. Start your vehicle and let it run for several minutes.
  7. Attempt to start the other vehicle. 
  8. Drive the recharged car around Charleston for a minimum of 15-minutes to fully recharge.


Now that you have all the steps you need to jumpstart a vehicle, you'll never have to wonder about the correct way again! Be a confident driver, and master the basics like jump starting a car with the steps above. 


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