Car batteries don't do well in extreme temperatures for long periods. Most people think it's just winter that kills batteries, but summer can be equally stressful to a car battery. Our MINI of Charleston service department techs gave us the following brief rundown.

Car Batteries in Summertime

Car batteries create electricity through reactions between lead, lead dioxide and sulfuric acid, an electrolyte. Car battery electrolytes both conducts and stores electricity for future use. Summertime heat does several things to a car battery. The heat actually improves the car's capacity so greatly, it inadvertently shaves days off of the battery's lifespan. The heat may also evaporate the battery's electrolytes, preventing them from working efficiently.

Car Batteries During Winter

Winter frost is inevitable, and some of it happens inside your car battery. Electrolytes absorb cold and get sluggish, slowing their ability to create and conduct sufficient electricity to jump your car's starter and turn over the engine.

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