Whether your brakes are hydraulic, electromagnetic, frictional, pumping, servo, disc, drum, emergency or anti-lock, they need to be in opportune working condition at all times. Your brake system is much more than a pedal: it is an intricate system of interwoven parts that make it possible to stop on demand.

City driving, with its many starts and stops, take a toll on brake pads and may require that they be replaced more frequently than the manufacturer's recommendations. Brake fluid with the proper viscosity is also essential in keeping brakes in tip-top shape. If your brake pedal is hard to press, fluid may be leaking out.

Given the seriousness of faulty braking systems, it's best to leave your brake's needs to the experts. Taking your vehicle to be serviced by MINI of Charleston's team of certified mechanics in our Charleston location means proactively looking out for your safety. They know all about brakes and braking systems and how to professionally repair them. Because they take your safety very seriously also.


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