Drivers who don't often take their cars out may be able to get by without changing their engine oil for quite some time. After all, these services are generally recommended once every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. However, at MINI of Charleston, we're sharing information that proves that this isn't always true.

Stop-And-Go Driving Takes Its Toll

In reality, how far you drive is only one small part of the equation. Even if you rarely use your vehicle, the way that you're using it could be problematic. Stop-and-go driving expedites auto wear. As a result, short-distance. in-city driving often necessitates more frequent oil changes.

The Age And Condition Of Your Automobile

It's also important to note that recommendations for oil changes are usually meant for newer vehicles. Old cars that have been in service for a while may need to have their oil changed once every 3,000 miles. For reliable, professional auto service or to get help in establishing the right maintenance schedule for your vehicle, come by MINI of Charleston today.


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