Tires that are either over-filled or under-filled place drivers at risk. Not only do these problems lead to far more rapid tire wear, but they also have a significant impact on both handling and fuel economy. At MINI of Charleston, one of our top priorities is helping motorists learn just how important this aspect of tire maintenance is.

You May Be Spending More To Travel The Same Distance

If fuel economy is important to you, then making sure that your tires have the right air pressure should be a top priority. Sagging tires invariably create more friction where their surfaces connect with the road. This additional friction increases the amount of work that autos have to do to get moving and stay that way. To lower your spending at the pump, have your tires inspected and replaced as needed.

The Dangers Of Driving With Incorrect Tire Pressure

Driving on tires that are over-inflated or under-inflated is dangerous. Too much air place additional strain on a thin, center strip of a tire's surface. Too little air places extra strain on the outer edges of a tire. Both of these issues can lead to a dangerous blowout. To have your tires serviced or inspected by friendly, reliable professionals, come to MINI of Charleston today.


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