At MINI of Charleston, we provide you with new vehicle options that come with some really great features. For example, many of the models that we sell come with a roadside assistance package. If your package has run out or you would rather take care of a problem like a flat tire on your own, here are some simple steps to help you along.

Before you start changing a flat tire, always park your vehicle on a flat surface that provides you with ample traction on the other four wheels.

  • Remove the hub cap from your damaged tire. This allows you to turn the lug nuts counterclockwise in order to loosen them. Don't take them off just yet though!
  • Raise up your vehicle with a jack. At this point, you can remove the lug nuts and take the tire off completely.
  • Replace the damaged tire with the new one, and replace the lug nuts.
  • Lower the vehicle and check everything for safety.


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