Routine care can become less than routine during the winter. Below-zero weather and heavy snowfalls make it tough to bring a two-wheel-drive, or any vehicle, to a service station. Hopefully, the coolant isn't past due for a change, as a car could get totaled if the antifreeze isn't effective. Once winter passes, realize spring becomes an opportunity to get many care steps done.

Fluid changes, tire checks, and brake inspections represent common care steps people take routine throughout the year. The driver may receive an offer for tire rotations and wheel alignments when getting an oil change. Taking care of standard maintenance is wise, and so is addressing more involved work.

Changing the water pump, timing belt, drive belts, and transmission fluid could come with costs. That said, you need to do these things. Let spring serve as the time to get the work done.

You can get work done at our service department. At MINI of Charleston, we want to care for your car.



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