Money gets tight, and no one would suggest that it's a bad idea to figure out how to save money. When it comes to car payments, you may be thinking about different cost-cutting options. You could refinance the car, or you could use it as a trade-in for a new model. The choice you choose depends on your circumstances.

Did you buy a car that you can't afford? If so, then refinancing might not help much. A better interest rate won't change the fact you can't afford a car that's too expensive. Maybe trading the car in for a less-costly vehicle is advisable.

If you're not struggling too much, then refinancing might be workable. Look at the mileage and age, though. Refinancing an old, high-mileage car might not be possible.

Anyone interested in financing a car in Charleston should consider doing so at a dealership. At MINI of Charleston, we work hard to help car owners with auto financing.


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