Three Tips to Eliminate Odors in Your Vehicle

You step into your vehicle and notice that something just doesn't smell right. Maybe you can quickly track down an old piece of garbage that caused the smell. Maybe it takes a bit of investigative work to figure out the problem. Regardless, once you have cleaned up the mess, here are three tips that can help bring a fresh smell back to your vehicle.

First, use a stain remover or cleaning product on your seats and floors. Some products are a powder that can be vacuumed up. Other products may need to be sprayed on and then dried fully. Next, recognize that a few different items can leave a more pleasant smell behind while your vehicle airs out. Dryer sheets can be scattered through your vehicle. You can also spray a diluted mixture of vinegar and water on your floors and seats. Finally, prevent future issues by keeping your vehicle clean. Don't leave garbage and food laying around.



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