Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors Explained

At MINI of Charleston, we appreciate automobiles' diverse technology range. We know that even small features can increase your safety. Today, we want to explain such a feature.

Also called an electrochromic mirror, the auto-dimming rearview mirror can save valuable moments. It lowers glare from the reflections it shows, and it prevents those temporary blind spots we all get when we see bright lights.

Let's take apart an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Between the unit's back piece and its glass, we find a circuit board. It contains a photodiode that senses bright light and transforms it into an electric charge. Once that charge crosses the circuit, it activates electrochromic gel within the mirror's glass. This gel launches an oxidation-reducing reaction that instantly darkens images reflected in the glass. As light increases, the gel keeps pace. When light sources leave the mirror's view, the gel quickly responds, and the image lightens.



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