Do you live in an area that has snow and ice during the winter? If so, it is important to be prepared for harsh winter driving conditions. At MINI of Charleston, we can help. Before the snow and ice arrive, be sure to have your vehicle inspected for leaks, worn hoses, and other damages that may need repair.

You can also stay safe by stocking your vehicle with a broom, ice scraper, and snow shovel. If your vehicle gets stuck in the snow, abrasive materials, which include sand paper and cat litter, can be helpful. Other items that you should stock your vehicle with include a cell phone with a charger, blankets, water, food, and flares.

Before you leave, plan a safe travel route. Check the traffic and road conditions, and you should also let others know when you are planning to arrive at your destination. Even if you are running late, don't rush!



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