Recognizing the Danger Signs of an Overheated Engine

One of the biggest fears of any driver is the sudden overheated engine. You can protect yourself against this mishap if you learn to recognize the warning signs. The most likely cause of an overheated engine is a drop in coolant levels. Your owner's manual will detail the recommended levels for your particular vehicle. Failures in critical functions such as the water pump or radiator fan can also put your car at risk of overheating. Regularly inspecting all pertinent parts of the vehicle can help prevent this serious engine failure.

If you believe that your engine may be at risk of overheating, we strongly recommend that you stop by our service center at MINI of Charleston in Charleston, SC to have your vehicle serviced by our expertly trained associates. Our professional staff is standing by eager to answers any questions you might have and get your car back out on the road again running in optimum condition.

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