Try a Clay Bar Next Time You Detail Your Vehicle

You probably keep the exterior of your vehicle in good shape with regular car washes and detailing. However, did you know that a clay bar can provide the exterior of your vehicle with a better finish? Here is why you may want to use a clay bar next time you detail your vehicle.

Your vehicle will accumulate debris that includes bug residue, tar, brake dust, and other fallout. These contaminants will eventually be difficult to remove from the surface coat, which can lead to rust spots. If you use a clay bar when you detail your vehicle, it will trap the contaminants and leave your vehicle shiny and vibrant. It is also beneficial to use a clay bar because it makes wax and sealant easier to apply, as a clay bar will leave the surface of your vehicle smooth.

Our service center at MINI of Charleston in Charleston, SC has technicians on standby next time your vehicle is in need of service.

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