Understanding the Basics of Synthetic Oil

When you get your oil changed at the service center, you may be asked whether you want regular or synthetic oil. It is important to understand the difference, so you can make an informed decision.

Even if you choose synthetic oil, there are different tiers of this oil to choose from, so having a clear understanding of the differences will help you to decide which oil is best for your car. Most synthetic oil is a blend of oil that comes out of the ground and chemicals that may enhance the performance of your vehicle. Then there is full synthetic oil, which simply means it is not mixed with conventional oil.

The rule of thumb here is not to assume that the higher-costing oil is best for your vehicle, but to learn which oil is best for your car or truck. If you’re not sure which oil is the best for your vehicle, stop by our our service center here at MINI of Charleston in Charleston, SC today.

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